50-State Survey: Rebates, Gifts & Inducements

50-State Survey with up-to-date and in-depth information on each state's rebating regulations at your fingertips.

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Do you frequently field questions about which events, giveaways or contests are acceptable?

Have you spent more hours than you'd like to admit researching and compiling information on each state’s insurance rules for rebates, inducements and gifting – only to find you don’t have the time and resources to maintain the information?

Maybe you’ve relied on sporadic Google searches for a quick answer, but still spend time checking the accuracy of what you’ve found.

Researching insurance rules and regulations is time consuming. While rebating is illegal in most states, there's much less consistency around the threshold of when something becomes a rebate, or how much money can be spent before a limitation is exceeded.

Time is a precious resource, especially for many compliance professionals, who are juggling a number of priorities and issues.

This 50-State Survey gives you in-depth information on each state's rebating regulations, all readily available at your fingertips. It goes beyond standard rebating law – where available – to include information from bulletins, opinions, circular letters and other forms of regulatory guidance.

Not only that, but the research is updated whenever there's a change so you don’t have to worry about maintaining the information. Once we become aware of an update, a new version of the chart will be placed into the course, and you'll be notified via e-mail.


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