COMING SOON: Become an Effective Compliance Communicator

Six Steps to high-fives, handshakes, and happiness as a compliance professional.


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Are you struggling with others embracing your compliance role?

Tired of hearing you only say “No.”?

Frustrated that your hard-work goes unnoticed and under appreciated?

You can start changing all that right now.

Introducing how to Become an Effective Compliance Communicator: 6 Steps to High Fives, Handshakes and Happiness as a Compliance Professional.

In the course, learn how to establish, prove and leverage your value within your company.


With clear, direct steps and strategic action-items. For example:

  • Why creating a personal mission is so important for your success
  • How to leverage the 4 different motivators to create complete buy-in
  • Combating the "compliance need cycle" with measurable, distinct goals

Designed for those new to a compliance role, this course is focused on strategies and techniques for dealing with the unique challenges of compliance communications.

Frustration, lack of trust, and push-back are all things that come along with being a compliance professional. You may have the technical skill, but without solid communication, your effectiveness will be limited. This course provides you with tips, tools and a clear path to enhance your communication skills around compliance issues.

Stop the notion that your value is limited to "check the box" compliance and Become and Effective Compliance Communicator today!

Your Instructor

Glenda K. Bean, ALMI
Glenda K. Bean, ALMI

Glenda is our education and training program director. Her experience with training clients along with speaking about compliance topics at industry events, plus her natural talent and easy-going personality was a perfect fit to lead this program. She currently holds the Associate, Life Management Institute (ALMI) designation and is working toward her FLMI. Outside of the office, Glenda enjoys running, spending time with friends and family, and not taking herself too seriously.

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