Welcome to the Currin Insurance Compliance Education and Training Program

Online / on-demand training for insurance compliance professionals.


Training is essential in the insurance industry, especially with the ever-changing rules and regulation. We are providing this essential service in a format that is affordable and accessible including the compliance education you (and your co-workers) need to meet the demands of your job - and our industry.

Our Currin Insurance Compliance Education Program (CICEd) is a platform that provides in-depth training, online, and on-demand. CICEd offers the ease of anytime, anywhere education at your own pace, when it is convenient for you! Our program is designed in a way to present small enough chunks of information so it is feasible to work through training modules within your very busy schedule and competing demands. We have always provided in-person, customized training programs for some of our clients (and will continue to do so as needed), but we recognize the cost for that type of training is prohibitive for many firms. So, we set out to find the best way to provide this essential and affordable service, which we proudly present as CICEd!